Massimo Procopio

Massimo Procopio


"The important thing is not to stop questioning"

(Albert Einstein)

Anyone who knows me will surely identify me in this quote.

Since I was a child I have always done and have always asked myself questions about everything, and this has led me to be the person of today.

Curiosity is part of children, but, in my opinion, it is essential to keep it even as adults, together with the joy of life and imagination.

And it is precisely the latter that led me to develop and think about various things.

These pages were initially created to present my 2004 patent, the Active Bumper, as an in-depth study for an article published on Focus in the same year, but over time it has transformed into a multifaceted site where I was able to insert various ideas, achievements and reviews .

Many others are still in the drawer waiting to be published. Some of these meet the patentability requirements, so they will still remain there until I find a suitable solution… or some funding.

So hoping that the pages of this site can whet your interest and be useful, I leave you to discover the various sections.

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